Dangerous Myths About The Bipolar Disorder

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The Bipolar Disorder is a condition characterized by significant shifts in mood and energy that range from highs of mania to the lows of depression.

It is a scary condition that can destroy your whole life. And there is no cure for it but it can be kept under control and you can have a normal life if you follow a treatment plan.

There are certain myths that are dangerous for people with the bipolar disorder because they can lead to discrimination or isolation. And this can make things worse for them.

Many times people think depression and bipolar disorder are the same. They are wrong. Both depression and bipolar disorder are mood disorders but they are different. Bipolar disorder includes depressive episodes but they are combined with manic episodes in an alternating cycle. So, Depression and Bipolar Disorder are two different mood disorders.

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Also people tend to think mania is safer than depression. During a manic phase, people with bipolar disorder often experience high levels of energy and sometimes they even feel happy. But the euphoria of these manic episodes can lead to poor decisions such as impulsive spending, racing thoughts, sexual indiscretion, aggressive behavior, trouble concentrating or alcohol and drug abuse. The manic episodes are not safer than the depressive episodes at all.

But if you experience mood swings between feeling sad and happy it does not necessarily indicate bipolar disorder. This is normal for almost everyone. The difference between bipolar disorder and normal mood swings is the severity of the mood swings. The symptoms of bipolar disorder are more severe. Anyway, mood swings also occur frequently during pregnancy and people with ADHD also experience mood swings.

If you recognize any signs of bipolar disorder you should have a specialist assistance of a neurologist for treatment and deeper understanding. With proper treatment you can live a fulfilling, productive life.

Both children and adults can be bipolar. But diagnosing children may be harder because their symptoms are different and doctors may find it difficult to distinguish between ADHD, bipolar disorder or traumatic stress disorder.

There is a common belief that if someone in your family has the bipolar disorder you will definitely have the symptoms too. This is not true. Genes have an important role in this disorder but there other factors involved as well. Studies of identical twins revealed that even when one twin is affected by bipolar disorder, the other may not be.

But maybe the worst myth of all is that that people with bipolar disorder are dangerous. Actually if they are diagnosed and treated they rarely are a danger to others. Studies show that they are actually more likely to be victims of violence than perpetrators.

Many people with depression and bipolar disorder suffer from drug abuse or alcoholism as they tend to resort to drugs and alcohol to numb the painful symptoms. But alcohol and drugs are doing nothing good to someone diagnosed with bipolar disorder. They just make things worse.

The most important thing to do when diagnosed with bipolar disorder is to have a specialist assistance of a neurologist for treatment and deeper understanding. You should learn as much as you can about your disorder and follow a medication plan.